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hetpaleis/ Karolien Verlinden

Welcome to the FRAMED (12+) travel page. We are delighted that this show will feature on your stage. The following page contains everything you need to make the show an outstanding one, in terms of both technical requirements and communications.

If you have any further queries concerning communications, please get in touch with Sarah Binnemans (+32 3 202 83 63). All other queries can be directed to Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).


To look.
To look away.
To look again.
To look more closely, longer, deeply.
Until that point where looking becomes seeing.
Or maybe listening with your eyes.

FRAMED stimulates people to look with empathy. Choreographer Karolien Verlinden introduces a unique cast of actors, dancers and musicians – eight performers, eight bodies, all examining each other and subjecting themselves to examination. Using their own lives as starting points, they show how one body can bear an unexpected and expectant narrative, while another body simply is what it is. They explore the relationship between body and identity and use the rhythm of crescendoing beats and a trombone to reveal the question – what does the outward appearance of your body say about who you are, and what does it not say?

FRAMED creates a universe where stereotypes become fluid, where doubts are embraced, where unity is born out of confusion. It might be an abrasive world, but it is also a silver-lined one.


language level 3

Because the text is pre-recorded the language can be adapted to local audience in mutual collaboration. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

full registration

If you would like to see the full length video please contact Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).



poster images | © Diego Franssens
rehearsal images | © Annelies Van Lierde
press images | © Clara Hermans

poster (A2 format) 

technical rider


directed and choreographed by Karolien Verlinden
choreography/dance Margaux Cauliez, Mick Galliot Fabré, Britt Lemmens, Adina Macpherson, Gytha Parmentier and Arend Peeters
live music Nabou Claerhout and Hantrax
dramaturgy Koen Haagdorens and Lore Meesters (stagiair)
text dramaturgy Tine Decraemer
scenography/lighting design Ief Spincemaille
costume Wim Muyllaert
sound design Bob Hermans
lighting design Nick Matthé
with support from the Belgian Federal Government's tax shelter measure through Casa Kafka

financial and technical conditions

Technical requirements

  • medium to large venue (width: min. 10m, depth: min. 10m, height: min. 6m)
  • set up: 6 hours
  • crew: 10 persons
  • transport: code C driving licence

Max. audience

  • max. 500


  • 12+