Diego Franssens


hetpaleis & DE MAAN/ Benjamin Verdonck

Welcome to the  A CAVE FULL OF SLIME WITH A STRAW (EEN GROT VOL MET SLIJM MET EEN RIETJE, 5+) travel page. We are delighted that you are interested in this performance. The following page contains everything you need to make the show an outstanding one, in terms of both technical requirements and communications.

If you have any further queries concerning communications, please get in touch with Sarah Binnemans (+32 3 202 83 63). All other queries can be directed to Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).


The scenery plays the starring role,

it crashes and scours its way across the stage and uses ropes and pulleys to transform one setting into the next.

Have I been here before?
Is it a dark castle?
Is it very long corridor?
A vacant dancehall, its door just blown open?
The lair of a fox?
A tiny garden?
A green icebox adorned with snow?
Or is it slime?

Have all the living beings disappeared from the stage, or are they still there?

Theatre-makers Benjamin Verdonck and Lucas Van Haesbroeck are conjurers who have spent many years elevating the most ordinary objects into theatrical set-pieces. They seek inspiration in the extensive archives held by the DE MAAN theatre group and in the technical complexities of puppetry.


language level 0

full registration

If you would like to see the full length video please contact Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).



poster image | © Diego Franssens
rehearsal images | © Diego Franssens 
press images | © Diego Franssens



created and performed by Lucas Van Haesbroeck and Benjamin Verdonck
sound design Jochem Baelus
together with Paul Contryn
co-produced by Perpodium, DE MAAN and hetpaleis
with the support of the Belgian Federal Government Tax Shelter, through Cronos Invest

financial and technical conditions

Technical requirements

  • small to medium-sized hall (width: min. 10 m, length: min. 8.25 m, height: min. 5.25 m)
  • crew: 3 persons
  • construction: 7 hours
  • transport: code B driving licence

Max. audience

  • +/-150 tot max 200


  • 5+

Timing and financial conditions