Illias Teirlinck


hetpaleis & De Nwe Tijd/ Freek Vielen

Welcome to the 1984 travel page. We are delighted that you are interested in this production. The following page contains everything you need to make the show an outstanding one, in terms of both technical requirements and communications.

If you have any further queries concerning communications, please get in touch with Sarah Binnemans (+32 3 202 83 63). All other queries can be directed to Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).


A land located somewhere in the future, where the Big Brother Party controls everyone and everything. Cameras watch your every move, while every word you utter is closely monitored.

Winston is employed at the Ministry of Truth, where he rewrites history to match the Party line. He finds himself increasingly resisting the system he is compelled to serve, and he cautiously reaches out to those who share his views. But who can he trust?

It is only once Winston meets Julia that he finds an ally for his cause. They proceed to become lovers, and love conquers all… doesn’t it?

Freek Vielen and Rosa Vandervost have previously co-produced Niets and Doe de groeten aan de ganzen for hetpaleis. Now they have taken on one of the most famous novels of the last hundred years, 1984 by George Orwell, a book that has been required reading for generations of schoolchildren. While Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948, today it seems more relevant than ever, particularly for the youth.

trigger warning

The show deals with life under a dictatorship, and disturbing sound effects and
stroboscopic lighting are used.


language level 4

This production currently only exists in a dutch-spoken version. We can provide a version with subtitles or in case of a longer tour abroad a adaptation to an English or German version is also possible.

full registration

If you would like to see the full length video please contact Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).