Kurt Van der Elst

A fun night out

hetpaleis, Theater Artemis & Het Zuidelijk Toneel/ Jetse Batelaan

Welcome to the A fun night out travel page. We are happy that you are interested in this production. The following page contains everything you need to make the show an outstanding one, in terms of both technical requirements and communications.

If you have any further queries concerning communications, please get in touch with Sarah Binnemans (+32 3 202 83 63). All other queries can be directed to Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).



While there is a lot of good news, unfortunately there are also plenty of hurdles in life. Things get broken. And sometimes at just the wrong time. Pets fall sick. The news might scare you. And to top it all, there are ill-fitting pants, annoying friends and those days when you should have just stayed in bed. Emotions run at fever-pitch in this show – sorrow, fear, love, shame, joy and loneliness are all covered in breathtaking show tunes. And all these feelings are also explored behind the scenes – while our stars sing and dance as if their lives depended on it, backstage they are fending off their deepest emotions. That’s no simple task, especially when you’re human. Will they manage to stay a little in control, or will their emotions steal the show? Stop, thief!

A fun night out is a family show presented by Theater Artemis, hetpaleis and Het Zuidelijk Toneel. Two years ago we joined forces to create The end of the beginning of the end, in which we only narrowly managed to save the world of imagination from collapse. And now it’s time for a revival!


At the moment we only have a German speaking version available. But if you are interested in an English of French version please contact us. We would like to discuss the feasibility and terms with you!

language level 4

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If you would like to see the full length video please contact Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82).