Karolina Maruszak


hetpaleis & Voetvolk/ Lisbeth Gruwez

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Every line has a beginning, middle and end. Every line tells a story. Lines are exciting. Particularly when they take adventurous paths across a vast white canvas. They run into each other, cross over and get all tangled up, until no one can make sense of them. The result: wonderful chaos! Or art.

In WASCO!, choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez works with children aged between seven and twelve to find freedom of expression with marker pens and paint. It’s not all that different from her work as a dancer, because drawing is dancing by other means. It charms the room. There is rhythmic assistance: Maarten Van Cauwenberghe provides samples and grooves.

This is the first time Lisbeth Gruwez has worked with children. Where will her sense of rebellion and her love of beauty take us this time?


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