Diego Franssens

EEN GROT VOL SLIJM MET EEN RIETJE (A Cavern Brimming Over with Slime and just a Straw)

DE MAAN & hetpaleis/ Benjamin Verdonck

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The scenery plays the starring role,

it crashes and scours its way across the stage and uses ropes and pulleys to transform one setting into the next.

Have I been here before?
Is it a dark castle?
Is it very long corridor?
A vacant dancehall, its door just blown open?
The lair of a fox?
A tiny garden?
A green icebox adorned with snow?
Or is it slime?

Have all the living beings disappeared from the stage, or are they still there?

Theatre-makers Benjamin Verdonck and Lucas Van Haesbroeck are conjurers who
have spent many years elevating the most ordinary objects into theatrical set-pieces.
They seek inspiration in the extensive archives held by the DE MAAN theatre group
and in the technical complexities of puppetry.

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