as long as we are playing
hetpaleis, kabinet k & LOD muziektheater

There is a sort of country, very small, so small that it somewhat resembles the stage in a theatre. This country is called ‘The Yard’ and its people ‘The Children’. When ‘The Children’ go out into ‘The Yard’, they discover and experience the ‘power of feelings or human servitude’; this is called ‘Playtime’. Claire Simon, ‘Récréations’

Playing is essential. It is inherent in being human. People who play, whether they are young or older, is a catching spectacle.

as long as we are playing shows 10 dancers/musicians of different generations as playing creatures. Surrendered to each other in another, timeless world in which special rules and unspeakable secrets apply. Where everything is perfectly serious, useless and free.

'As long as we are playing is perhaps the most radical and authentic performance of kabinet k to this date. (...) What a bliss to look at. We've never seen kabinet k so punky before.'
De Standaard