WASCO! | workshop


The WASCO! workshop is also offered separately from the performance. On the page below you will find all the materials to make it something wonderful both practically and communicatively. We look forward to visiting schools in your area.

For all questions, please contact Zita Epenge (+32 476 95 95 82). If you have questions specifically related to communication, please contact Sarah Binnemans (+32 3 202 83 76). 


Schoolworkshop WASCO! focuses on the art of movement. Or was it just the movement in art? Dance as a form of drawing and doodling. Of scribbling and daubing. Of smossing or very precise sketching. With your arms, legs, head or whole body. A line from your ear to your left foot or a curve from your back to your nose. 

This workshop lets classes at school work around the performance WASCO! by hetpaleis & Voetvolk/Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe.

From movement, dance and visual art, we actively investigate how lines are created, evoke movement, cross or collide. Or how something that moves can still leave a trace.

communication material

workshop guides Marah Haj Hussein en Fran Van Gysegem

financial and technical conditions

Technical requirements

  • 2-hour workshop, at school
    - starts at 9.30 and/or 1 pm
    - 1 class of approx. 25 students per workshop
  • To allow the workshop to run smoothly and to guarantee quality, we like to work in a spacious, low-pressure room. For example, a gymnasium or other multipurpose room.
  • It is also possible to visit another school in the morning and afternoon provided they are less than 10km apart. Then 2 workshops of 2h can be given.


  • for anyone between 7-9 years old
  • The workshop is designed so that instructions and coaching are as wordless as possible, so it is very accessible to different types of schools and language levels.